Cast of Characters for a comic book project covering Kim Jong-Un's anonymous stay at a private high school in Switzerland when he was young.
"A royal hermit Dragon of the wood element sitting atop a mountain, watching his land change in shape." 
Digital Painting I made under the mentorship of Andrew Hou from Schoolism.
Story and Character Design. Done at the Animation School Hamburg under the mentor-ship  of Eckart Fingberg. With this picture I wanted to catch mood of an ancient forest while telling the tale of two very different tempered children. The girl curious and courageous and the boy anxious but with open eyes to the wonders and ghosts of old that are waiting to be discovered.
Visualizing a scene from a typical 80s movie
My Animación Calaveras for the El Dia De Los Muertos.

Human Hardware - a dystopian street scene

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